"I hope you kiss me really hard when I see you."

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Is your relationship okay?


Fuck idk if I wrote that last part anon I don't want her to see!!! Fuckkk

It’s okay I’ll answer it privately. But if you think there is any possible chance that she is the one. Then go for it. You don’t wanna live your life saying “what if” when she is with someone else. If you really think it’s worth it. Go for it

A long long time ago I asked you for advice about failing in love with my best friend. I asked you if I should tell her and if you think I was worth loosing the friendship. And you said no and I agreed it wasn't right. So I didn't for a long time. But then I wrote down everything and told her I just couldn't hold it in for any longer. She told me then that she didn't want to risk loosing me so I tried and am still trying to move on. But recently she told me she has liked me and it made me mad...

I remember you